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The Creation Trail App

by Science Shepherd August 10, 2018 2 min read

The Creation Trail App

Free Creation Resource

Travel The Creation Trail with your family via an exciting new phone app (and webpage)! This interactive app is an amazing, multifaceted resource from The International Association for Creation, which works with more than 200 member organizations, comprising 1,500+ professionals, across the United States and around the world, to help bring local, faith-affirming resources to families and Creation ministries.

IAC Creation Trail App

Because there are many areas of the United States that lack local Creation ministries, the IAC has dedicated many resources to building technological innovation that will provide Creation facts at the fingertips of millions! At the press of a button, The Creation Trail App allows families and youth to get guided Creation tours of secular museums, zoos, aquariums and national parks; find in-network locations nearby; look up events by date or location; register to volunteer; rate a tour guide or speaker; and so much more! This app is part of the IAC youth development program supported by their in-network locations across North America. The Creation Trail can be described as a mix between a scouting program and a park ranger program, but with a solidly Christian foundation.

The Creation Trail App can help connect you to many of the IAC's in-network locations across the United States and provide you with Creation facts on most Android and iOS devices anywhere you can get a cell phone or WiFi signal. For the offline but hands-on portion of this program, the IAC is currently developing badges that youths can earn by completing learning objective sheets at physical locations.

The IAC actively supports and promotes Creation museums, but they also believe that secular locations can be used effectively to teach Creation truth, as long as Christians have the right tools available to do so. Currently, there is no comprehensive national youth development program that has its foundations in the biblical worldview, starting in Genesis. Because of this, the IAC team has been researching, planning and developing The Creation Trail program over the past few years, and this new mobile app is just the first step.

You can download the app free of charge. Just search "The Creation Trail" in your device's app store. If you are on a desktop, you can find resources at

We hope you and your family enjoy many Creation learning adventures on The Creation Trail!

Download | Android | Apple

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