Science Shepherd Homeschool Life Science Curriculum for Middle School
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  • Complete middle school science curriculum for homeschool
  • Optional video course with over 100 lessons and 21 hours of material
  • 280+ page hardcover textbook with chapter study questions
  • High-quality, full-color pictures and graphics
  • Answer Key & Parent Companion includes 36-week schedule, study question answers, test answers, and chapter summaries with key teaching points
  • Test Booklet with 9 tests
  • Ready for homeschool co-ops and traditional schools
  • Fully developed by homeschoolers
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Additional Information

Science Shepherd Life Science is a credited homeschool course which covers a full middle school Life Science curriculum. Life Science may also be used as a high school introductory curriculum, for partial credit. The course is designed to foster and advance critical thinking skills and teach how to integrate scientific facts into practice for a wide range of scientific topics. Students begin by learning the basic characteristics and chemistry of life, including light energy, and then examine cell function and genetic principals. A critical discussion of evolution and creation is introduced, followed by studies in classification, human anatomy and physiology, and earth studies. Successful completion of this course will prepare students for a high school Biology curriculum.

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