Science Shepherd official Homeschool Planet lesson plan cover


  • Encouraging and uplifting Christian board books
  • Learn about the animals of Australia and South America
  • Teach your toddlers and little ones what makes them special to God
  • Great for diaper bags and backpacks
  • 5.625" x 5.625", 22 pages
  • Printed in the USA
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What Can You Do . . .? is a series of Christian board books from Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum. Gear-up and take your little ones on a journey through Australia and South America. What Can You Do, Australia? and What Can You Do, South America? explore each continent to learn about the native wildlife, like the quokka in Australia and the green anaconda in South America. Learn about nine animals on each expedition, and what makes them unique. Before ending each adventure, learn what makes people unique. While "science" will tell our little learners they are just like the animals, What Can You Do . . .? books highlight what people can do that makes them special before our Creator.

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