• What Can You Do, South America?

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    • Explore South America to learn about nine animals and their unique traits with Science Shepherd’s Christian board books for toddlers. Discover the toco toucan, fishing spider and more, then learn the truth about what makes people special before God.

      While modern science will tell you that people are just smart animals, the truth is far greater than that. Follow along with your toddler through Australia to learn about nine animals unique to the continent and what they can do that makes them special. Then, marvel at the Biblical truth that people are one-of-a-kind to God, and learn what only we can do.

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      • Learn about South American animals like the toco toucan, giant anteater, and green anaconda.
      • Discover the unique traits that makes each one special.
      • Uncover the truth about what makes people unique in the eyes of God.
      • Fits well in diaper bags, purses and backpacks.
      • Strong board book construction holds up to toddlers.

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    Science Shepherd offers a robust line-up of Christian homeschool curriculum. Courses are available in Biology, Chemistry, Life Science, and more, from elementary school up to high school. The What Can You Do . . .? series of board books are available for little learners. Each class is marked by simplicity in presentation, excellence in content, and Biblical perspective.