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National Homeschool Day 2019

by Science Shepherd August 08, 2018 2 min read

National Homeschool Day 2019

Mark Your Calendars!

Tune in to National Homeschool Day to access a plethora of information and ideas, no matter where you live! National Homeschool Day is an event coordinated by The International Association for Creation that will take place throughout our network of creation science museums and at local churches across North America . This special event is a day to celebrate faith and family by inviting leaders and learners to museums in our network, and equipping local churches, so parents and children can engage in hands-on creation learning experiences.

Speakers for National Homeschool Day, include:

Israel Wayne of Family Renewal
Dr. Lainna Callentine of Sciexperience Meredith Curtis of Finish Well
Sherri Seligson of Apologia
Barb Heki of Grandparents of Homeschoolers
Pat Roy of Creation Quest Kyle Justice of Awesome Science Media

National Homeschool Day 2019

This phenomenal lineup of leaders, all of whom are homeschool parents themselves, will present on a wide variety of homeschool-related topics from apologetics to parenting. Each talk will be simulcast to our participating locations throughout the day for on-site viewing, or if you can’t get to a location, you can watch from the comfort of your home via our website:


We invite you to join us on February 23, 2019, to celebrate faith-filled, parent-led education.

Our desire is to help equip homeschool families with the resources they need to help their children learn about God's creation through hands-on experience and interactive resources. The International Association for Creation is committed to providing the help parents need to prepare their children to know our Creator God and live a life filled with faith.

We invite you to join one of our participating museum locations, or get your local church involved, for National Homeschool Day. To find or register a location and learn more information, visit

Until Next Time!
Science Shepherd

Science Shepherd
Science Shepherd

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