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Chemistry: Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter


The recommended homeschool chemistry lab book to accompany Fundamentals of Chemistry from Science Shepherd. The 20+ activities investigate key principles learned in the textbook and use mostly household items.

ISBN 9781580375221

See inside the activity book.

Key Features

  • Contains over 20 labs and activities to reinforce key chemistry concepts learned in the Fundamentals of Chemistry Textbook
  • Includes parent/teacher guide with directions and answers
  • 60+ perforated pages can be easily removed
  • Paperback, consumable
  • Published by Mark Twain Media / Carson-Dellosa Publishing
  • Printed in the USA

Additional Information

About Science Shepherd Chemistry

Chemistry: Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter is the recommended lab activity book for Fundamentals of Chemistry from Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum. Written by Dr. Scott Hardin, the comprehensive middle school curriculum prepares students for higher level chemistry in the areas of data collection and standardization, atoms, bonding, organic chemistry, and more. Students also learn how the observations of chemistry support biblical creation. Fundamentals of Chemistry is parent-friendly and allows for independent study.