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    Fundamentals of Chemistry Bundle

    Textbook Format

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    The new and improved Fundamentals of Chemistry 3-Book Set is now available!

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    • New and Improved! The Fundamentals of Chemistry 3-Book Set is now available. The set includes the Textbook, Test Booklet and the complete Answer Key & Parent Companion with section-by-section overview of the Textbook.

      Everything needed to get started homeschooling chemistry with Science Shepherd's Fundamentals of Chemistry curriculum for middle school! Includes the Textbook and a PDF of the Test Booklet and Answer Key Packet.

      Fundamentals of Chemistry from Science Shepherd is a homeschooling curriculum written by Dr. Scott Hardin. The comprehensive middle school course prepares students for higher level chemistry in the areas of data collection and standardization, atoms, bonding, organic chemistry and more. Students also learn how the observations of chemistry support biblical creation. Fundamentals of Chemistry is parent-friendly and allows for independent study.

      • 280+ page Textbook includes end-of-chapter review questions to reinforce key learning points; hardcover or eBook.
      • Test Booklet contains 5 tests.
      • Answer Key covers all textbook chapter review and test questions.
      • Includes a 34-week reading/video, study, test and lab schedule.
      • Your choice of the hardcover or eBook format Fundamentals of Chemistry Textbook.
      • Test Booklet and Answer Key Packet provided as a downloadable PDF.
      • Recommended for middle school grades 6-8, or as an introductory course in 9th grade
      • ISBN-13: 9780991636990 (Textbook)
      • Hardcover textbook printed in the USA
      • Internet/data connection required for digital content, charges may apply
      • Chemistry: Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter available as the recommended lab manual (optional)
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