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Virtual Museum Tours

December 29, 2020 3 min read

Homeschool museum tour banner of whale skeleton

Free Homeschool Virtual Museum Tours

We are excited to announce that throughout 2021, in partnership with our friends at the International Association for Creation, Science Shepherd will be offering free virtual museum tours to homeschool families!

Science Shepherd author Dr. Scott Hardin will be your tour guide as you explore marine biology at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, astronomy at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, anatomy & physiology at the Parque de las Ciencias Andalucía-Granada, and more. Each tour will help you better understand the world God has created and how it functions in a way that only He could design.

This opportunity is available only to those subscribed to our newsletter and members of our private Facebook group. Access to each tour will not be publicly available.

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or visit our private Facebook group and request to join.

Each tour will be conducted via Zoom and will last about an hour, with time for questions and answers with Dr. Hardin. Tour dates and topics are posted below.

2021 Museum Tour Schedule

January 8, 3pm CT - Astronomy & Space Exploration - National Air & Space Museum

February 12, 3pm CT - Marine Biology - National Museum of Natural History

March 12, 3pm CT - Anatomy & Physiology - Parque de las Ciencias Andalucía-Granada 
Astronomy & Space Exploration - National Air & Space Museum

April 9, 3pm CTAstronomy & Space Exploration - National Air & Space Museum 
Anatomy & Physiology - Parque de las Ciencias Andalucía-Granada

May 14, 3pm CT - Life Science - National Museum of Natural History

June 11, 3pm CTAnatomy & Physiology - Parque de las Ciencias Andalucía-Granada

More dates to be announced!

Joining a Tour

Each tour will be conducted via Zoom. We recommend using their app, available here (choose Zoom Client for Meetings or a Zoom Mobile App). The link to join each tour will be emailed and posted to our private Facebook group the morning of the tour. Roughly 30 minutes before a tour begins, you will be able to join the tour waiting room with the provided link. Reserving your spot prior to this time is not permitted. Once the tour is ready to begin, you will be moved from the waiting room to the tour. You microphone will be automatically muted, but your video will be visible if you have it turned on. Dr. Hardin will begin the tour at the scheduled time, but families may continue to join the tour until the tour capacity is met. Each tour is limited to the first 90 connected devices, so we ask that families share one device to allow as many others to join as possible.

If you have any questions regarding these tours, please contact us.

Another Free Homeschool Resource

Parents, check out our free guide to using museums in homeschool to prepare for each tour and help your kids engage with the exhibits they'll see. It will also give you ideas for when you visit your local museum, aquarium, and more!

About the IAC

International Association for Creation is a global Christian ministry dedicated to providing interactive experiences for you and your family to enjoy. Through cutting-edge technology and hands-on adventure, our experts make quality Christian Education available for everyone to enjoy. Whether roaming the halls of a world-class museum or digging for dinosaur bones under the bright blue sky, you can be sure that your children grow in a better understanding of God's world through the lens of God's Word. Visit them online today at www.AssociationForCreation.org.

Until next time!
Science Shepherd