• Remastered Creation Science Lectures

    August 19, 2019 2 min read

    Remastered Creation Science Lectures

    Free Downloads with Improved Audio

    Over the summer, we were contacted by a family that was encouraged through our free creation science lectures. These talks were recorded some years ago at a few different homeschool conventions, and weren't the greatest sound quality. So, they wanted to support our work by remastering the audio for us. We provided the originals and a few days later were thrilled with the new sound! It is so much more rich and full!

    These new, remastered recordings are now available free through our store. Whether you've downloaded them in the past, or are listening for the first time, we hope you will enjoy the work Mount Zion Mixing & Mastering did! Please take a minute to check out their ministry on Facebook. We are so grateful for their (and your!) support. Thank you!

    About Mount Zion Mixing & Mastering

    "We’re here to help Christian educators and homeschool curriculum creators sound professional. This is a free service depending upon project and length of time needed to improve the work. Donations are welcome. God Bless!"

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    Science Shepherd