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    March 19, 2014 1 min read

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    2nd Edition Biology Review

    Thank you to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for their wonderful review of our 2nd Edition homeschool Biology!

    "Thorough, systematic, understandable, and absolutely usable in the homeschool…I took biology and AP Biology in high school, and I believe Science Shepherd Biology covers more topics in more depth than both of my years of high school biology."

    Read the full review at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

    Debra Brinkman, Assistant Director, The Schoolhouse Review Crew, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

    Science Shepherd homeschool Biology curriculum textbook coverScience Shepherd Biology is a comprehensive homeschool science curriculum for high school. It was written to allow for independent study, and to be easy to use for parents and students. Available material includes the Textbook, Video Course, online review quizzes, and more.

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    The 2nd Edition is now out of print and has been replaced by the 3rd Edition. There are still a limited number of some 2nd Edition materials available in the "Sale" section of our store.