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New Free Video Class

November 01, 2019 1 min read

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The Genesis Worldview

We are excited to release a new multi-part video series as part of our collection of free homeschool resources! The Genesis Worldview: Science Supports Scriptural Sufficiency is being taught by Science Shepherd author Dr. Scott Hardin as a Sunday School class, and the video recordings are available free through our student portal.

In this class, Dr. Hardin explores statements made in Scripture regarding creation, the age of the earth, dinosaurs, and more, and then cross-examines scientific observations to show that nothing we discover undermines the doctrine of sola scriptura. By doing so, he hopes to firmly set the foundation for believers to provide a defense for their beliefs in a literal understanding of Genesis.

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Each lesson for The Genesis Worldview will be released shortly after it is filmed live. The first three lessons are available on-demand now, and are each roughly 45 minutes. We hope you enjoy this resources and are encouraged by it!

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Interested in learning more about creation science and the weaknesses of evolution? Check out our other free resources!

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Bill Hardin
Bill Hardin

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