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    November 15, 2018 2 min read

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    Going Digital

    It has been an exciting year at Science Shepherd! Last October, we began the long process of developing a video series for our high school Biology, and in August released the Biology Video Course, with 133 lessons and over 40 hours of video. But that was only the start of new things from Science Shepherd!

    This month, we made our entire textbook and workbook collection available on eBook, with the help of EdTech Software. Along with our streaming video courses, almost our entire curriculum library is now available without needing to buy a physical product! By no means are we replacing our printed material but are offering the eBooks as an option to homeschool families who would like to go entirely digital. It is also our hope that the eBooks will help our international customers avoid high shipping costs. We put together a short video demonstrating the platform, which you can watch below.

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    New Curriculum Coming

    We also released a brand new book this month, titled The Philosophy & History of Origins: A Practical Look at the Scientific Merits of the Creation and Evolution Models. This 180-page book borrows heavily from the Creation and Evolution material in the Biology Textbook, as well as providing additional insight into the origins debate. While not a standalone course, The Philosophy & History of Origins makes for a great elective, or an educational resource for those who would like more information about the origin of life. The Philosophy & History of Origins is available on eBook now, with a printed version coming later. It has been a busy month for us . . .

    . . . And isn’t slowing down! Dr. Hardin is currently in the process of writing a Chemistry textbook and will follow it up with a Physics text. Each textbook is targeted to 6th to 9th grade students and will provide a semester of material. Together they will make-up a one-year preparatory sciences curriculum. Chemistry and Physics will both be available for the start of the 2019/20 school year. Once those are complete, we will be making a video component available for Life Science and a high school text, “Biology for the Non-Sciency Student.” Finally, we will soon be starting a weekly Facebook Live Q&A session and will also be bringing more content to our blog regularly. If you have questions you would like addressed during our Live Q&A, email us at

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