• Get to Know Your Teacher: Dr. Hardin

    February 27, 2023 4 min read

    Get to Know Your Teacher: Dr. Hardin

    Get to Know Your Teacher: Fun Facts About Your Science Shepherd Teacher

    The upsides of video classes for homeschool are plentiful. You can take your lessons with you wherever you go, watch your classes on your schedule, pause in the middle of a class and even rewatch a class if you need to review more challenging material. Video classes also don’t make much mess or clutter. And if you’re a quick listener, you might even be able to get through your classes speedily by playing them at, say, 1.5 speed!

    That said, you don’t get to interact with your teachers and get to know them, which is a shame when your teachers are as interesting as our Science Shepherd teachers! We’re helping solve that problem by interviewing our teachers and sharing with you some fun facts about each one.

    In this post, we are featuring Dr. Scott Hardin who teaches Science Shepherd Astronomy: God's Universe, Biology, Earth Science, Fundamentals of Chemistry and Physics, Introductory ScienceLife Science and Physical Science. He's also the author of our children's board books, What Can You Do, Australia? and What Can You Do, South America?. Read on to learn some fun facts about Dr. Hardin.

    Featured Teacher: Dr. Scott Hardin

    Headshot of Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum teacher Dr. Scott Hardin

    A scientist from the past you would like to meet: James Clerk Maxwell and William Thompson, 1st Baron Kelvin.

    A scientific discovery you would’ve liked to have participated in: Since he was mainly a theoretical physicist, I would have liked to have been present in Einstein's mind while he did his thought experiments and composed mathematical equations while working out relativity.

    A scientific problem you would like to help solve: Cold fusion.

    Favorite science class you took as part of your education: Human anatomy and physiology and genetics.

    Favorite snack food: Crav'n vanilla wafers.

    Favorite color: Black.

    Favorite sport: Throwing sports - shot put, discus, hammer throw, weight throw.

    Favorite place visited: Anywhere in western South Dakota or Wyoming.

    Favorite historical figure: This kind of changes as I learn more and more about history. It's hard to beat George Washington. Even King George said of him (if he resigned his commission and did not become "King of America"), "If he does, he will be the greatest man in the world." But I'm most intrigued with Alexander the Great and how God worked through him. Of course, his reign was prophesied in the Bible, and without the Hellenization of the world, we'd not have the New Testament. Because of the forced adoption of Greek as the official language throughout the Greek Empire, nearly everyone in the Middle East spoke a common language. This allowed for everyone to understand Christ's teachings and the promulgation of the New Testament throughout the world.

    Favorite book in the Bible: Proverbs.

    Favorite Bible verse: All of Psalm 23, but especially verse 4.

    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

    Favorite season: Anytime the temperature outside is between 55 and 75 and dry . . . so I guess like May 23rd and September 19th.

    Favorite animal: Elephant and honey badger.

    Favorite job (besides being a Science Shepherd teacher): Farming/ranching.

    Favorite scientific fact that glorifies God: Look up on a cloudless night while understanding that even though you can see thousands of luminous objects in the night sky, only a few of them are galaxies, all the while knowing God created hundreds of billions (maybe more than a trillion) of galaxies, each with a hundred billion or more stars and planets . . . simply by speaking the words "Let there be".

    Another language you would like to speak: Biblical Greek.

    A country you would like to visit: New Zealand.

    Favorite class you’ve taught: Chemistry.

    Favorite thing about being a Science Shepherd teacher: Interacting with the students and helping them understand something they are struggling with.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun facts about Dr. Scott Hardin! In part 2 of our Get to Know Your Teacher series, we interviewed Pastor Josh Watson. Check out that post here.

    If you’d like to start benefiting from all the advantages of Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum's video classes, check out our favorites. Need personalized advice? Our team is happy to talk with you or answer your questions.

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