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    March 16, 2020 2 min read

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    From a retired professor

    "We are in our first Science Shepherd course [Biology] this year and are totally loving it. I am homeschooling our two sixth graders and ninth grader. I am somewhat scaling for the 6th graders but finding they are striving and thriving well. I am thoroughly enjoying learning and relearning along with them as it has been quite a while since I minored in Biology in college.

    We are not rushing and may actually finish this course in 3 semesters which is totally fine with me so that we can take our time and enjoy all the labs that are in the remaining chapters. We bought three lab kits and are looking forward to all the dissections.

    We have finally made it to Chapter 19 and did the flood today. I am convinced that chapters 17-19 are life changing chapters and support some of our other studies like It Couldn't Just Happen and The Language of God. With such profound evidence included in Chapters 17-19, culminating from all of our previous Biology chapters, and being presented by Dr. Hardin with such care and discernment, we are being enlightened and equipped to defend our beliefs with absolute certainty. So sad that all young people do not get this perspective.

    It occurs to me that much of the "climate science" of today may be just as flawed and supported by ulterior motives and an agenda just as the "evolution science" has been supported by agenda-driven thinking. I am a retired college professor homeschooling three adopted grandchildren and am well-aware of the politics undergirding much of today's "research".

    Again, Thank you for this wonderful contribution to our learning!"

    Dr. Denise P. Gibbs
    Homeschooling Mom, Retired Teacher and Professor

    Thank you Dr. Gibbs for your kind review! We hope Science Shepherd continues to be used by God to help families like yours to understand His Creation and be equipped to defend their beliefs.

    Until next time,
    Science Shepherd