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    'Less Than Perfect' Physical Science Answer Key Level A

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    • The parent Answer Key Level A to our home school Physical Science curriculum. Level A is appropriate for 3rd through 5th grade or ages 8 to 11.

      Science Shepherd’s home school Physical Science curriculum builds upon some of the basic principles established in our Introductory Science, with a focus on chemistry, physics and astronomy. The class features over 100 video lessons, with key concepts reinforced in age-appropriate workbooks (Level A or B) and practical activities. Topics include atoms and molecules, the Periodic Table, forces and Newton's 3rd law, the solar system and more. Science Shepherd's Physical Science was written by Scott Hardin, MD, a physician and homeschool dad.

      • Provides the solutions for all Physical Science Workbook Level A questions and puzzles.
      • Fully developed by a homeschool family.
      • Level A is recommended for 3rd-5th grade, or ages 8-11
      • ISBN-13: 9781735524559
      • 30 pages
      • Paperback
      • Printed in the USA

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