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  • Fundamentals of Physics Online Chapter Review Quizzes

    • This supplement to our homeschool Fundamentals of Physics features online, repeatable chapter review questions for 13 chapters of the Fundamentals of Physics Textbook. Each quiz reviews one chapter.

      Fundamentals of Physics is a middle school curriculum for homeschool. Written by Science Shepherd author Dr. Scott Hardin, the comprehensive curriculum prepares students for high school science in the areas of scientific measurement, the three states of matter, Newton’s Laws, radioactive physics and more. A critical discussion of physics within a biblical framework is also included. Fundamentals of Physics is parent-friendly and allows for independent study.

      Also available bundled with the optional Fundamentals of Physics Recorded Class Videos.

      • Chapter study questions for the Fundamentals of Physics Textbook formatted as online quizzes.
      • Automated, immediate scoring means no checking answers for parents.
      • Repeated attempts allowed to facilitate subject mastery.
      • Includes questions not published in the Fundamentals of Physics Textbook.
      • Designed to facilitate independent study.
      • Recommended for 8th grade, or as an introductory 9th grade course
      • Provides lifetime access to the Fundamentals of Physics online chapter quizzes from the day of purchase
      • Internet/data connection required for digital content, charges may apply

    Free Preview

    Watch a Fundamentals of Physics Recorded Class Videos sample lesson video below, or enroll in a free preview to access a preview of Chapter 6, including the chapter quiz, through our student platform.