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Life Science 3-Book Set, 1st Edition

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  • The complete 1st Edition Life Science homeschool curriculum for middle school from Science Shepherd. Includes everything you need to get started; Textbook, Answer Key & Parent Companion and Test Booklet.

    Developed by physician and homeschool dad Scott Hardin, MD, Science Shepherd Homeschool Life Science, now in its 2nd Edition, curriculum is a robust yet easy-to-learn life science-based program for middle school / junior high. Life Science can also be used as an introductory science course for high school students who have not received a lot of science exposure. The curriculum integrates with optional lab material, available from Science Shepherd.

    2nd Edition Life Science 3-Book Set available.

    • 280+ page textbook with end of chapter study questions to help facilitate subject understanding; hardcover
    • Test Booklet with 9 tests; consumable
    • Answer Key & Parent Companion includes a 36-week schedule, study question answers, test answers and chapter summaries with key teaching points; paperback
    • Written for independent study
    • Critically discusses the creation and evolution origins models
    • Fully developed by a homeschool family
    • Recommended for grades 6-8
    • ISBN 9780982856826
    • 1st Edition
    • All material printed in the USA
    • Life Science Quest for Middle Grades available as the recommended lab manual (optional)

Award Winning Middle School Science

Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Family Favorites 2019 badge

Science Shepherd Life Science was recognized as a 2019 Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Family Favorite for middle school science. You can be confident that our homeschool Life Science curriculum will provide an excellent educational experience to your middle school student.