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    • Set off on an adventure through God’s universe with Science Shepherd’s astronomy homeschool curriculum! In Astronomy: God's Universe, students explore the solar system, stars, and galaxies, and learn how astronomical observations support biblical creation. Choose from Level A or Level B. See "Details" tab for age/grade recommendations.

      Science Shepherd Astronomy: God's Universe is a homeschool science curriculum for upper-elementary to middle school grades. Featuring age-appropriate video-based lessons (Level A or B) with integrated workbook and practical activities, Astronomy: God's Universe covers the sun, planets, solar system, galaxies and nebula, and more. Both Level A and B feature a special focus on scientifically discussing the merits of the big bang and creation origin models to clearly show that the big bang model fails while the creation model is consistent with astronomical observations.

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      • One family, one subscription: purchase one Astronomy: God's Universe Video Course for your entire family.
      • Video-based astronomy homeschool curriculum.
      • Topics for Level A and B include the sun, moon, planets, stars and galaxies, origins and more.
      • Level B includes all of the same content as Level A, plus more advanced discovery in the areas of dark matter, dark energy, planet and solar system formation, and more.
      • The 5-disc DVD set and Level B subscription include the videos for Level A and Level B.
      • Allows for independent study.
      • Fully developed by homeschool families.
      • Choice of a lifetime online streaming subscription to Level A or Level B, or a DVD set.
      • Level A: over 60 lessons, 7+ hours (~6:30 average lesson time), recommended for upper-elementary to middle school grades, or ages 10-13
      • Level B: over 90 lessons, 11+ hours (~7:15 average lesson time), recommended for middle school grades and up, or ages 12+
      • ISBN-13: 9781735524511 (DVD)
      • DVD produced in the USA
      • Internet/data connection required for digital content, charges may apply
      • Streaming subscription begins from the day of purchase; to upgrade a 15-month subscription to a Lifetime streaming subscription, please contact us by email.
      • Science Shepherd video courses are intended for individual/family use only; please see our co-op information for using Astronomy: God's Universe in a co-op or classroom.

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