Astronomy: God's Universe Workbook Level B


The Level B Workbook is the student companion to our astronomy homeschool video curriculum. Used to help students understand the vast universe God created. More advanced than Level A.

ISBN 978-1-7334120-9-4

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Key Features

  • Companion to the Astronomy: God's Universe Level B homeschool video course
  • Level B recommended for middle school grades
  • Topics include the planets of the solar system, galaxies, creation of the universe, and more
  • Compared to Level A, includes expanded exploration in solar wind, binary stars, antimatter, dark matter, general relativity, and more
  • Facilitates independent study
  • Curriculum fully developed by homeschool families
  • Choice of format: Spiral-bound Paperback/consumable, PDF, or Digital eBook
  • Printed in the USA
  • eBook provides 15-month access
  • Save 5% on a complete Level B bundle

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Additional Information

About Science Shepherd Astronomy

Science Shepherd Astronomy: God's Universe is a Christian homeschool science curriculum for upper-elementary to middle school. Featuring video-based lessons, with integrated workbook and practical activities, Astronomy: God's Universe covers the sun, planets, and solar system, galaxies and nebula, and the origin of all things.