Introductory Science Video Course



Explore creation through the fields of geology, biology, astronomy, oceanography, and more with our homeschool science curriculum for elementary school. Available as a streaming video subscription or DVD set.

ISBN 9780991636952 (DVD)

Key Features

  • Video-based homeschool science curriculum
  • Topics include creation week, geology, plants and animals, oceanography, nutrition and more
  • Recommended for elementary grades 1-5, or ages 6-11
  • Daily 2-5 minute video lessons, including activities
  • Great for independent study
  • Used with both the Level A and Level B Workbook (sold separately)
  • Provided 35-week schedule can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • Fully developed by a homeschool family
  • Choice of 15-Month or Lifetime subscription to on-demand streaming videos, or an 8-disc DVD set that is yours to keep
  • Download a list of activity supplies
  • DVD Set printed in the USA
  • Save 5% when you bundle a streaming subscription with the Workbook and Answer Key

Subscription period begins from the day of purchase. To upgrade your 15-month subscription to a Lifetime streaming subscription, please contact us by email.

Internet/data connection required for digital content. Charges may apply.

*Note: Science Shepherd video courses are intended for individual/family use only. Please see our co-op information if you are interested in using Introductory Science in a co-op or classroom setting.

Sample Video & Free Preview

Watch a sample lesson video below, or access a free preview of Introductory Science through our student learning portal.

Additional Information

About Science Shepherd Introductory Science

Science Shepherd Introductory Science is a Christian homeschool science curriculum for elementary school. Featuring 171 daily video-based lessons, with integrated workbook and practical activities, Introductory Science covers creation week, geology, biology, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy and more. Science Shepherd curriculum was written by physician and homeschool dad Scott Hardin, MD.