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    Biology 3-Book Set, 2nd Edition

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    • Updated 3rd Edition, Revised 3-Book Set available.

      The 9th-12th grade homeschool Biology 2nd Edition 3-Book Set includes the Textbook, an Answer Key & Parent Companion, and a Test Booklet.

      Science Shepherd Biology, now in its third edition, is a comprehensive and integrated 9th-12th grade homeschool biology curriculum, incorporating textbook, optional daily video-based lessons, lab manual, supplementary parent/teacher informational guide book, enhanced study question DVD, and test materials. Written by physician and homeschool dad Scott Hardin, MD, Science Shepherd Biology was designed for independent study with advanced but easy-to-learn presentation. However, with the supplementary teacher information, parents can be involved in their student(s) learning, if they choose.

      • Complete high school biology curriculum for homeschool.
      • Hardcover textbook with full-color graphics and study questions at the end of each chapter to reinforce key concepts.
      • Test Booklet contains 15 tests, paperback/consumable.
      • Answer Key & Parent Companion includes chapter study question answers, test answers, and chapter summaries with key teaching points, paperback.
      • Fully developed by homeschoolers.
      • Recommended for 9th grade and up, ages 14+
      • ISBN-13: 9780982856819
      • 2nd Edition
      • Printed in the USA

    Award-Winning 9th Grade Biology

    Science Shepherd Biology was awarded the 2015 Practical Homeschooling Science Reader Award, is one of Cathy Duffy's 103 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, and receives rave reviews from homeschool families. You can be confident that our 9th-12th grade homeschool Biology will provide an excellent educational experience to your student.

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    Why Science Shepherd?

    The Science Shepherd Biology Video Course offers over 42 hours of comprehensive teaching. Dr. Hardin presents an in-depth review of each section of the Biology Textbook, with additional supplemental material, to help students fully understand the subject. Plus, each lab video walks students through the process and expected results of 19 experiments, so they can be confident they are accurately performing each lab. To see how Science Shepherd's 9th-12th grade homeschool Biology compares to other similar courses, visit our blog post for a side-by-side comparison.