• Free Museum Guide for Homeschoolers

    March 04, 2019 1 min read

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    Free Parent Guide

    We have worked with our friends at The International Association for Creation to bring you a free resource!

    Science Shepherd Using Museums in Homeschool Parent Guide

    This short guide offers a few practical steps to help you incorporate a visit to a local museum, aquarium, park, or other attraction into your science curriculum. Easily get started with a few suggested Bible verses and questions, then expand with your own! We hope this resource will help you explore creation from a Biblical worldview, even at secular institutions.

    Get the Creation Trail App!

    The Creation Trail App is a free mobile download and desktop portal from the IAC to further aid families in learning more about God's handiwork. Get connected with their extensive network of locations and professionals, easily tour any museum, national park or other attraction from a Creation-based worldview, find upcoming events, and much more!

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