Official Lesson Plans!

January 15, 2020 1 min read

Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum earth and purple dna

Lesson Plans Available

We've partnered with Homeschool Planet to release official lesson plans for all of our courses, and you can get started for FREE with The Genesis Worldview video course and lesson plan.

Homeschool Planet

Homeschool Planet is the ultimate all-in-one daily planner for homeschool families! The intuitive software helps you plan your school day, then add field trips, work, doctor's visits, and wherever else you need to be to keep your family on track. Choose from pre-designed lesson plans or customize one for what works best for you. Each official Science Shepherd lesson plan features the full recommended course schedule with daily reading and video assignments, labs, catch-up days, tests, and more* pre-formatted and ready to activate with a few clicks. So you try Homeschool Planet and see how it can help your family, the lesson plan for The Genesis Worldview is available for free.

*All pre-formatted features as applicable to each course. See each product listing for specific details.

The Genesis Worldview

The Genesis Worldview: Science Supports Scriptural Sufficiency is a free 13-part series. In each video, Dr. Hardin explores common topics surrounding the Genesis account of Creation and what science actually reveals about the origin and age of the earth, dinosaurs and people, DNA, and more. By objectively considering scientific observations, Dr. Hardin shows that nothing undermines the authority of Scripture, and that Christians can be confident in a literal interpretation of Genesis, while equipping them with the scientific facts to defend their faith. Each lesson is roughly 45 minutes.


The Genesis Worldview free homeschool video course cover
Homeschool Planet free lesson plan cover

Stay tuned for even more exciting announcements soon!
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