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    June 06, 2019 3 min read

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    Science, Exploration, and More!

    Over the years, we have made some great resources available for free, and have partnered with homeschool supporters on other projects. Here are some of our favorites to share with your family!

    Science & Apologetics Article

    When you subscribe to the Science Shepherd newsletter, we'll send you a PDF download of our article, Five Scientific Ways Your Kids Can Defend Their Faith. In this article, Dr. Hardin presents five easy yet effective scientific arguments that can be used, even by parents, to defend Biblical Creation. Sign-up in the box to the right, or at the link below, to receive this great resource!


    Worksheet: 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing A Homeschool Curriculum

    One of the great blessings in the growth of homeschooling has been the increase in available curricula. But how do you choose the right one?! Whether you are new to homeschooling or planning your eighth year, we've put together 10 questions (plus a bonus!) and a free PDF worksheet to help take the overwhelm out of choosing the best curriculum for your family. These questions apply to any subject, not just science.

    Get Your Free Worksheet

    The Genesis Worldview

    Cover image for The Genesis Worldview video series showing an earth with blue horizon

    In the fall of 2019, we released a new, multi-part video class by Dr. Hardin that explores "The Genesis Worldview." In each class, roughly 45 minutes long, Dr. Hardin elaborates on topics that often cause Christians uncertainty in their understanding of Scripture and science, such as the meaning of "day" in Genesis 1, radio-carbon dating, natural selection and more, to show that, ultimately, science supports Scriptural sufficiency. Enroll today for free lifetime access to all of The Genesis Worldview streaming videos.

    Creation Science Lectures

    Dr. Hardin has recorded several talks discussing evolution and its many shortcomings. Each lecture is 30-50 minutes long, and comes as an MP3 download.

    Join Our Facebook Community Group

    We have a vibrant Facebook page (which you should Like!), but did you also know we have a Facebook Group? This community group is to help connect homeschool families who are using, have used, or are considering using Science Shepherd material so they can share ideas or questions and encourage one another in a smaller setting. We are also there to help!


    The Starting Point Project Live Broadcast

    Jay Seegert of The Starting Point Project hosts a live broadcast one night each month, September through May. He discusses a variety of topics, including Biblical authority, Creation, and the sufficiency of Scripture. He also conducts a Q&A at the end of each show. So if you have any questions, be sure to submit them through the TSPP website! Dr. Hardin was a guest on Jay's show not too long ago. You can watch the full episode below!

    The International Association for Creation

    The International Association for Creation is a terrific organization for anyone looking to get out and explore God's Creation. This past February, they organized a National Homeschool Day, and are working on an even bigger event for 2020. The IAC has resources available that are great for homeschool and non-homeschool families alike!

    Creation Trail App

    The Creation Trail App was developed to help families supplement a museum visit with the truth of Biblical Creation. Access audio tours, events, tour guides, and other resources to turn a trip to the museum into an adventure through Creation. Available at on mobile and desktop. No download required.

    Homeschool Museum Guide

    While you're at the museum utilizing the Creation Trail App, you can also use our free homeschool museum guide to help integrate a trip to the museum with your current science curriculum! The guide was developed jointly by the IAC and Science Shepherd and is available as a PDF download.

    Free Homeschool Museum Guide

    Virtual Museum Tours

    Speaking of the IAC and free museum guide, we also have free virtual museum tours available, in partnership with the IAC! These tours are exclusive to Science Shepherd families, and tour exhibits like the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the Air & Space Museum. Each tour is lead by Dr. Hardin, and lasts roughly an hour, with time for questions and answers with Dr. Hardin. Visit our blog post below for the 2021 schedule.

    Tour Schedule

    Schoolhouse Rocked

    The folks at Schoolhouse Rocked are hard at work creating a documentary about the homeschool revolution, and we have had the pleasure of connecting with them to help spread the word. Dr. Hardin was even on their podcast in February! For great conversation and encouragement about homeschooling, visit their PodBean channel.

    We hope all of these free resources will be a benefit to your family and homeschool, and we hope to add more as we continue to create Biblically-sound science curriculum!

    Until next time!
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