• Homeschool Planet Lesson Plan: Unearthing the Bible

    • Maximize your day with the official Unearthing the Bible lesson plan for Homeschool Planet. The intuitive scheduling platform integrates assignments, video links and more to keep your homeschool organized.

      Requires a separate Homeschool Planet subscription.

      Homeschool Planet is an intuitive, all-in-one daily planner for homeschool families. Easily schedule your complete school year with pre-designed lesson plans, then add field trips, work, doctor's visits, and wherever else you need to be to keep your day running smoothly. Customize each plan for what works best for you, and automatically reschedule missed assignments to stay on track. Individual student accounts help you monitor each student's class progress, including grading. See if Homeschool Planet is right for you with a free lesson plan for The Genesis Worldview!

      • Optional add-on to make homeschool scheduling easier.
      • Pre-formatted, 15-week online lesson plan with all 39 Unearthing the Bible classes.
      • Customize to fit your family's routine - choose frequency, days of the week, and time to schedule.
      • Includes links to each lesson video on the Science Shepherd student portal.
      • Auto-reschedule missed assignments.
      • Built-in grade book.
      • Purchase provides a redemption code to be used at Homeschool Planet; see order confirmation page/email
      • Requires a separate Homeschool Planet subscription
      • Does not include enrollment in any Science Shepherd material
      • Internet/data connection required for digital content, charges may apply

    Science Shepherd Unearthing the Bible

    Unearthing the Bible is a Christian online homeschool science curriculum that explores Biblical archaeology. By in-depth analysis of more than 25 archaeological finds, and presented across 39 video lessons, the historical voracity of the Bible is clearly explained. Science Shepherd partnered with Pastor Josh Watson, Bachelor of Theology, The Master’s University, for the development of Unearthing the Bible.