• Earth Science Answer Key Level A


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    • The parent Answer Key Level A for our elementary Earth Science curriculum for homeschool! Provides solutions to all Workbook Level A questions and puzzles. Level A is recommended for ages 7-10 or elementary grades 2-4.

      Science Shepherd’s Earth Science curriculum builds upon some of the basic principles established in our Introductory Science, with a focus on geology, volcanology, oceanography and more. The class features over 100 video lessons, with key concepts reinforced in age-appropriate workbooks (Level A or B) and practical activities. Topics include the earth's layers, fresh and salt water, weather and more. Earth Science is recommended for grades 2 to 6, or ages 7-12. Science Shepherd is written by Scott Hardin, MD, a physician and homeschool dad.

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      • Provides answers to all Earth Science Workbook Level A questions and puzzles.
      • Fully developed by a homeschool family.
      • Choice of format: paperback or PDF.
      • Level A recommended for ages 7 to 10 (2nd-4th grade)
      • ISBN-13: 9798985835861
      • 25+ pages
      • Paperback printed in the USA
      • Internet/data connection required for digital content, charges may apply

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