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The Genesis Worldview

The Genesis Worldview is a multi-part video series from Science Shepherd author Dr. Scott Hardin that explores creation, Scripture, and scientific observation to show that science supports Scriptural sufficiency.

Key Features

  • Multi-part video series exploring Scriptural authority and science
  • 13 total lessons
  • Average lesson time of ~45 minutes
  • Free Homeschool Planet Lesson Plan also available

Internet/data connection required for digital content. Charges may apply.

About Science Shepherd Curriculum

Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum was developed by Dr. Scott Hardin, a homeschool dad, to provide a creation-based science curriculum for the homeschool community. Since starting out with Life Science and Biology to aid parents in homeschooling through the higher grade levels, Science Shepherd has grown to included courses at all age levels. Visit our Recommended Course Progression blog post to find the right material for your family.