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Fundamentals of Chemistry Video Course Chapter-By-Chapter

  • Access our middle school chemistry homeschool video curriculum one chapter at a time! Each subscription includes all the video lessons for one chapter of the Fundamentals of Chemistry Textbook. The Online Chapter Review Quizzes for the selected chapter are included to help promote subject mastery.

    The Science Shepherd Fundamentals of Chemistry Video Course presents the complete Fundamentals of Chemistry Textbook, taught by author Dr. Scott Hardin. The videos are comprehensive lessons and follow the same schedule as presented in the Answer Key & Parent Companion. The in-depth material covers all information in the book, as well as supplemental teachings.

    Fundamentals of Chemistry from Science Shepherd is a middle school curriculum written by Dr. Scott Hardin. The comprehensive homeschool chemistry course integrates textbook, lesson videos and labs to prepare students for higher level chemistry in the areas of data collection and standardization, atoms, bonding, organic chemistry and more. Students also learn how the observations of chemistry support biblical creation. With the supplementary teacher information provided in the Answer Key & Parent Companion, parents can be involved in their student's learning without needing to be a science expert.

    Already purchase a single chapter subscription and want to upgrade to the full course? Email us today and we will provide a credit towards the purchase of the complete Fundamentals of Chemistry Video Course.

    • One family, one subscription: purchase one Fundamentals of Chemistry Video Course single chapter subscription for your entire family
    • Access the Fundamentals of Chemistry Video Course one chapter at a time, perfect for extra review of challenging topics
    • Average video lesson time of ~6:30 (average lesson time will vary based on the chapter)
    • Each set of chapter video lessons follows the daily reading schedule outlined in the Parent Companion
    • Includes online chapter study questions to aid subject comprehension
    • Designed for independent study
    • Provides a 15-month subscription to the online video lessons for an entire chapter of the Fundamentals of Chemistry Textbook
    • Recommended for middle school grades 7-8, or as an introductory high school program
    • Subscription period begins from day of purchase
    • Internet/data connection required for digital content, charges may apply
    • Science Shepherd video courses are intended for individual/family use only; please see our co-op information if you are interested in using our Fundamentals of Chemistry Video Course in a co-op or classroom setting

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