• What's the Evidence?

    November 04, 2010 2 min read

    Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum green and yellow cell close-up

    This is a new article on New Scientist. It states that genetic sequencing from a large virus that infects single cell organisms was recently completed. The interesting thing about this particular virus - whether you are a creationist or evolutionist - is that it contains genetic material that codes not only for the production of the virus particles (as all viruses do), but also for the production of some metabolic products (that few viruses do). Since evolutionists have no remotely provable mechanism through which life randomly developed from a single cellular organism without a nucleus to a multicellular organism with a nucleus, one of the theories du jour is that a virus become incorporated into an ancient bacteria species, voila! Nucleated life began.

    The thing that gets me in this is the typical bias that evolutionary scientists have whenever they make statements that they know will be in the media. In this case, the scientist who discovered this virus (Curtis Suttle) in the 90's said, "They (the viruses) really blur the lines between cellular and viral life." This is a total lie, made specifically to confuse anyone who doesn't know better (or think hard about what it is that Dr. Suttle is saying). As it is, as any physician and most all scientists know, the lay public don't understand that viruses are NOT living organisms. Since viruses lack the ability to independently reproduce and can only do so by hijacking the reproductive machinery of the cells they infect, they are not classified as living organisms. Evolutionary scientists are usually quite content to allow that confusion continue, especially in a case like this where that confusion helps them build their case that a mechanism that has absolutely no proof - other than their imaginations - is what led to the first multicellular organism.

    The truth is that evolutionary scientists have no idea how mutlicellular life began.

    The truth is that evolutionary scientists have no idea how mutlicellular life began. All they can do is make things up, throw it at the wall and see what sticks. The huge-virus-being-incorporated-into-bacteria-to-become-the-first-multicellular-organism-theory is a very shaky theory that does not have widespread acceptance in the evolutionary community.

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