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    October 17, 2020 4 min read

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    New Products for the New School Year

    If we have been quiet on the blog lately (and a little behind in making announcements), it has been for good reason; we have been hard at work developing new material. But finally, we are excited to formally announce that two new products from Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum are now available! Astronomy: God's Universe is a new upper-elementary to middle school video-based curriculum, and the Life Science Video Course is a video supplement to our award-winning (Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Family Favorites, 2019) Life Science curriculum for middle school (which has also received an updated 2nd Edition). Read on to learn more about each course, and watch sample lessons.

    Astronomy: God's Universe

    We re-teamed with Pastor Josh Watson (Unearthing the Bible) for this brand new video-based course that is an exciting blend of astronomy and apologetics. In Astronomy: God's Universe, students will learn about the vast universe God has created, including the solar system, stars, galaxies, nebula, and more. Along the way, biblical creation will be compared to the naturalism model of universe origins (the big bang). The predictions of each model regarding the heavens will be compared to scientific observation to judge which model is most accurate. By doing so, students will learn that time and again the Genesis account of creation is sufficient to explain the origin of all matter, energy, and life in the universe, while the naturalism model suffers from fatal, irreconcilable flaws.

    Astronomy: God's Universe is available in two different levels; Level A and Level B. Level A is recommended for upper-elementary grades and middle school students. Level B of the course is recommended for middle school. High school students may also be challenged (and strengthened!) by the material, and may consider it as an elective. Several on-demand video subscriptions to the class are available:

    • Level A, 66 lessons, 7+ hours, 15-month access
    • Level B, 95 lessons, 10+ hours, 15-month access (includes all Level A videos)
    • Lifetime access to both Level A and B

    Because a Level B subscription includes all of the Level A lessons, a family with a student in Level A and a student in Level B needs to purchase only a Level B (or Lifetime) subscription. A DVD set will also be made available at a later time (spring/summer 2021, estimated). Each Level has its own workbook (spiral-bound, PDF, or eBook) to accompany the video lessons. Both Levels of the class are recommended to be completed in 36 weeks, but the schedule can be easily modified to best fit your needs.

    We are excited to bring this fascinating study of the cosmos to homeschool families! Enjoy a preview lesson below, then save 5% when you purchase a Level A or Level B bundle.

    Life Science Video Course

    We are also excited to make another great video course available for this school year, this one as a supplement to our Life Science homeschool curriculum. In the Life Science Video Course, Science Shepherd author Dr. Scott Hardin presents comprehensive, section-by-section lectures based on the new Life Science 2nd Edition Textbook that was released this summer. The video lessons follow the recommended Life Science reading plan found in the Answer Key & Parent Companion, so students can complete each lecture in step with their daily reading.

    A 15-month or Lifetime subscription to the Life Science Video Course is available, which include over 110 lessons and 17 hours of material, as well as online chapter review quizzes. Each quiz covers one full chapter, is automatically scored, and is repeatable to facilitate subject mastery.

    Life Science is recommended for middle school, grades 6th to 8th. It may also be used as an introductory high school class for students who need a little extra study in science before moving on to our full high school Biology program.

    We hope the Life Science Video Course will be an asset to your family. Below is a preview lesson, or you can preview an entire week of the course for free. Then, get started with a Life Science Video Course subscription.

    About the Life Science 2nd Edition

    The long overdue 2nd Edition for Life Science is now available. This edition includes updated terminology and graphics, as well as a few sections that have been rewritten and/or reorganized for better clarity. Overall, the scope of the class is the same as the 1st Edition, and the sequence is almost so. If you have a 1st Edition Textbook and would like to use it with the new Life Science Video Course, that is quite possible. However, be aware that there are a few areas in the Video Course where the sequence will be slightly different. Terminology in the Video Course will also be different in places, and should be given preference over the terminology found in the Textbook.

    That's all for now! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media; there is plenty more new material in store!

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