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Fundamentals of Physics Test & Answer Key Packet PDF

  • The Science Shepherd Fundamentals of Physics for homeschoolers curriculum features a downloadable PDF Test Booklet & Answer Key. The Answer Key includes answers to all chapter review and test questions, plus a 34-week recommended schedule.

    Fundamentals of Physics is a middle school curriculum for homeschoolers. Written by Science Shepherd author Dr. Scott Hardin, the comprehensive curriculum prepares students for high school science in the areas of scientific measurement, the three states of matter, Newton’s Laws, radioactive physics and more. A critical discussion of physics within a biblical framework is also included. Fundamentals of Physics is parent-friendly and allows for independent study.

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    • A downloadable PDF of the Test Booklet and Answer Key for the Fundamentals of Physics curriculum
    • Contains 5 tests
    • The Answer Key provides all textbook chapter review and test question answers
    • 34-week recommended reading, study, test and lab activity schedule included
    • Fully developed by homeschoolers
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