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The Pelican's Beak

by Science Shepherd July 13, 2010 2 min read

The Pelican's Beak

Another interesting fossil find that shows that evolution doesn't really happen (recall how sharks are the perfect killing machines and have been without change in their structure for the past so-many millions of years and how crocodiles are living fossils...blah blah blah). It's related to the pelican's beak. The fossil is supposedly 30 million years old and it is so similar to modern day pelicans that "(t)he identification of an extremely well preserved 30-million-year old fossilized beak raises interesting questions over why evolution has left the birds so little changed over such a long period" and the fossil is "just like its modern counterpart." Finally, it "resembles those of the seven modern pelican species so closely that it falls within the genus Pelecanus."What does all of that mean? It means that evolutionists don't understand why this fossilized pelican, supposedly 30 million years old, hasn't evolved one bit over the 30 million years like evolutionary doctrine says it should. The discovering scientist did give a weak attempt at an explanation - "The lack of evolutionary change could suggest the beak has reached an evolutionary optimum for flight or for eating." But, not even the scientist really believes that -  "Louchart is not convinced that either of these hypotheses offers a complete explanation; he thinks something else may be involved but does not know what that might be." Creationists know what it is. Like all organisms on this planet, pelicans were created as a "bird kind" and were given by God a lot of genetic variation with with natural selection could work (i.e. the bird kind was created to look like a generic bird, but once natural selection had a chance to work, all birds developed into the marvelous variation that we see today, but they are all still the "bird kind"). Since pelicans developed from the bird kind after the Flood, they have always looked like pelicans. That is why all organisms look the same now as they did the supposed millions of years ago. Evolutionary scientists can't see it because they are blinded by atheistic evolutionary thinking.

Science Shepherd
Science Shepherd

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